what we do


We make comics for your enjoyment. The end.



About PictureWord Press

Who started PictureWord Press?

Brandon Stewart and Alex Bauman started Comics & Cognac in 2015. Later, the name was changed to PictureWord Press to befit the different types of projects.

Will PictureWord Press publish my comic?

Not yet, but we're working on it! The plan for now is to establish a collective of artists/writers/creative types that share a common passion for making the best creative ventures they can. But yes, in the future, publishing is our goal.

If I draw but need a writer for a project, can I contact someone from PictureWord Press?

100% yes! That is what we hope to have happen. No creator is bound to PictureWord Press, so any and all creators are open for projects. It is completely up to them whether what you're doing fits with what they do. No garauntees can be made that they'll join you on your project. The creator contact can be found on each artist/writers bio page.