Goody Good is a simple man, a genuinely nice guy that always strives to do the right thing. There’s just one problem: his good intentions and altruistic actions become tragedies for those who are victims of his niceness. The best laid plans might be paved with good intentions, but for Goody Good, they’re also littered with bodies.


THIS IS THE REAL DEAL HERE, FOLKS. The professionally printed and published premiere issue of Goody Good #1. It features 24 pages of the tragically hilarious (or is it hilariously tragic?) adventures of our favorite nice guy! It is traditional modern comics size (6.75 x 10.25") and is printed on super fancy, shiny gloss paper. You might even see your own reflection in it!!!


AS AN ADDED BONUS, we'll make sure that your copy is SIGNED by the creator/writer Alex Bauman and artist/writer Brandon Stewart. That makes it more fancy!!!


You can read all the comics here!

Goody Good #1