Wolverine: Old Man Logan by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

Iron Man is dead.

Captain America is dead.

Thor is dead.

The Fantastic Four, all dead.

The X-Men are dead.

Wolverine is dead. All that's left is old man Logan.

It seems that it all started with a simple idea: What if we fail because we attempt the wrong task? Venom can't beat Spider-Man, but could he beat She-Hulk? Juggernaut can't take down the X-Men, how might he fair against Thor? So the villains of the marvel universe put aside their rivalries and formed their own all-inclusive mega group to destroy the heroes. They gathered, matched their strengths against the weaknesses of their adversaries, and like Philip IV they struck. Coordinated and simultaneous. The villains killed nearly all of the heroes. When the work was done the world was divided. A kind of feudal system was established with the notable evil doers carving out their own kingdoms and lesser baddies acting as lords and vassals of smaller territories. A world conquered and not a good guy in sight... this is the land we are dropped into at the opening of Old Man Logan.

The premise of this book is super rad. The way the dystopian future is put together with depth and detail really is impressive. I'm going to avoid spoilers so forgive some of my vagueness when it comes to those details.

Old Man Logan is an all out action packed revenge tale in the vein of Death Wish. After the deaths of the heroes Wolverine has put away his claws, become a pacifistic (because of some really messed up stuff that went down during the fighting) and is trying to live out his life as a peaceful farmer. Living as a farmer in Hulkland doesn't turn out as peaceful as he'd hoped. Hulkland (formerly the Abomination's territory) is what the west coast of the U.S is called now. Bruce Banner flipped, presumably killed the Abomination, and instead of continuing his heroic ways simply took his place as ruler of the territory. Hulk rules his land with the help of his crazed inbred family... an inbred family of hulks. Let that sink in for a second. So Logan is beset by hulked out hillbillies, delivering regular beatings when the rent is late. One day these malformed hulk spawn go to far and take to much. Logan brings his claws out of retirement and goes berserker mode from coast to coast!

The art work of Old Man Logan is pretty phenomenal. Highly detailed and expressive characters. Special attention must have been paid (and thus demands mention) to the balance of fast frantic action and the sharp focus that hold the panels together. The two page spread of Pym Falls Connecticut is pretty awesome too.

Arbitrary and irrelevant numerical score for the purposes of boiling this whole thing down to a "review": Sixteen thumbs up.


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