The Humans, Vol. 2: Humans Till Deth by Keenan Marshall Keller & Tom Neely

Hell bound and ready for death, Johnny wrestles with his demons. Torn between two choices: continue the fight against his hallucinations and the monster lurking somewhere in his mind. Or, give in to the pain and the past, to be reborn in blood and chrome as that monster...

When vengeance is the prize is there really an option? Rivals and betrayers set the wheels of calamity in motion. And thus the Humans ride.

Holy hell the second half of The Humans is quite a ride! I say second half with some degree of certainty. The story can't possibly continue, not after the George R. R. Martin levels of charactericide that I just read. That and I read somewhere that it's over and a couple spin-offs are coming. But that's beside the point. The Humans is a story told in two distinct halves. The first is more about the establishment of character, setting, and story. You can read about it in one of our previous blog posts. The second half is all about bullets & blood, testosterone & tits, rapture & revenge. All the wonderful things that appear at the convergence of exploitation era cinema and romanticized motorcycle culture. Amid all the chaos we find Johnny, mostly the same as we left him in Vol. 1. But some of the other Humans are noticing a change in him. He's still battling his demons and trying to keep his past in the past. But he seems to be slipping. He might have developed a death wish. It isn't long into the book that a turncoat and a rival gang give "ape on the edge" Johnny a reason to abandon his inner fight and become the murderous beast he's been fighting to control. And once the safety is off... it's time for Johnny and the rest of the Humans to rock 'n 'roll!

Some books go on too long and suffer as a result of changes in the creative team. The Humans, with its concise story, doesn't. Continuity was maintained and Vol. 2 is just as good as Vol. 1. Keller and Neely really hit the sweet spot when it comes to an action oriented book. The writing is deep enough to keep the story and characters relevant and interesting while the artistic execution almost forces you to turn the page. They even manages to sprinkle in some humor. Scattered throughout you can find tongue-in-cheek, almost self deprecating, references to The Planet of The Apes. I really enjoyed my time with The Humans Vol.2 and if I had to give it an arbitrary numeric score... I'd give it four thumbs up.


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