Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart

Sin Titulo by Cameron Stewart is an enigmatic fever dream that progressively loses more and more control of itself. Collecting Stewart's five year webcomic run this hard cover begins simply enough. Main character Alex MacKay learns, a month after the fact, that his grandfather has died in his retirement home. Naturally Alex wants to collect some of his grandfather's things and learn a bit about what happened. There ends the normalcy. Alex discovers a photo of a woman that his grandfather knew but Alex had never seen before. Alex investigates, and what follows is a strange spiraling descent that sees Alex mirroring Billy Pilgrim as he becomes unstuck from reality.

Sin Titulo really is a fantastic read. The muted sepia tone art work of Cameron Stewart pairs very well with the story he's telling. Art and writing meld into a perfect vacuum, forcing the reader's nose deeper into the book's spine. If you can successfully put it down and take more than one sitting to read it... you are certainly stronger than I.

Visit Cameron's art blog or the Sin Titulo website


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