PWP Blog 8/4/19: Poptarts

Pop Tarts are great. Who ever created these wonderful toaster treats is truly a genius. The idea of fruit paste sandwiched inside of a flaky (well, crumbly any way) pastry pouch is awe inspiring, but to then frost the thing... incredible!

Well... maybe the idea is better than the actual execution. Pop Tarts as a toaster pastry might not be such a good idea. I don't know what happens to the Pop Tart during the fourty-five seconds or so it's in the toaster, but damn that fruit paste gets hot. From cold tasty paste to molten fruit goo in under a minute.

The directions on the box are a little, concerning too. Direction number one (word for word); "set toasting appliance (toaster or toaster oven) at lowest or lightest heat setting." Ok, sound advice I'm with it so far. "Remove pastry from pouch." Stop! Remove pastry from pouch? Seriously? Does, "take your Pop Tarts out of that silver wrapper" really need to be written on the box? Who ever doesn't know to "remove pastry from pouch" deserves to endure the destruction that would certainly be the result of an unwrapped and flaming molten goo filled toaster grenade exploding from their toaster (or toaster oven) with the fury of a thousand suns!

- Alex

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