PWP Blog 7/7/17: Content Update

Since the inception of this blog I've struggled to find topics to write about. Comics & Cognac has been and continues to be just two guys struggling to both produce our creative endeavors and to become legitimate producers of those projects. Things move slowly and the goings on and general C&C business doesn't provide a very deep (or entertaining) well to draw from. The struggle for blog content has had me thinking more and more of expanding the idea of what this is.  Maybe this can be about more than just C&C. Maybe I can throw in some personal stuff, or some comedic and satirical stuff... Recently I took this idea to the weekly Comics & Cognac meeting to get my other half's opinion. We strive to remain united in all decisions so I needed his input before pushing this in a direction he would potentially be uncomfortable with. The following is a word for word transcription of that conversation*:

Alex: I want to be more on top of the blog. I'd like to get it on a weekly schedule. Brandon: Yeah, you definitely should. Alex: But I don't know what to write about. There isn't always Comics & Cognac stuff going on. If there's nothing to talk about I don't want to force it and make some boring post about nothing. Brandon: I understand. I don't know what to tell you. You gotta do something. Alex: Remember those old blog posts I read you? What do you think about something like that? Open up the content to more than just C&C stuff? Some funny posts? Maybe something more personal or some opinion stuff? Brandon: Yes, God yes! You should do that! Make that content. Share your magnificent gift. In the future a whole generation of writers; from masters level Lit students down to angst ridden teens writing bad poetry will point to you and the blog as their single greatest influence. Alex: Well, I don't know about all that. Brandon: Drop the modesty! In fact those masters students will probably be studying your words exclusively! Alex: Ok. Alright. I'll do it! * Probably not "word for word"

So, in an effort to bring more posts on a more regular basis the content of our blog is going to expand. And as a special bonus this blog post is a two-for-one! So here's an example (written years ago) of some of the non-Comics & Cognac related material that will be coming in the future!

                                 Caveman reviews - Iron Man 2

Caveman a little behind on make review. Iron Man 3 come out soon and me just now getting to review Iron Man 2. Caveman no see Iron Man 1 and me think that ok, me no really understand movie anyway.

Me hear saying about get caught with hand in cookie jar. Me wonder why Tony no have hand in pepper pot. Why movie move so fast? It make caveman head feel not good, Me fall down throw up. So much big boom Iron Man make thunder, it scare caveman. Caveman wish him had Iron Man boom stuff, maybe not so many me friend die when hunt the mammoth. Stop fly Iron Man! It unnatural. Caveman throw up again.

For all him smart Tony Stark sure dumb. Him not know violence not the solution. When caveman a caveboy him throw rocks and sticks at many thing. Caveboy grow big, strong, to be caveadolescent and him throw rock at neighbor caveman. Rock hit head and man die in bloody mess. Caveman no throw rock again. Maybe Tony need see up close repercussion of him action. Then maybe Tony no boom so much things, and maybe Iron Man just be super fast delivery man or sky writer. No violence, maybe then can earn delicious flavor of pepper too.


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