PWP Blog 7/28/17: An Interview With Goody Good

Goody Good has made being helpful and kind his life's mission. We recently caught up with him at a downtown hotel and had an opportunity to sit down and speak with this star of web and print comics about his life, talents, and what comes after the comics.

Goody Good, I'd like to start by saying thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and speak with me today.

Oh, sure. I'm flattered that you would want to interview me.

So, Goody Good, have you noticed any changes in your life brought on by your fame?

Fame? I don't know that I'm all that famous. I don't know, maybe I get noticed in public some times... No, I haven't noticed much of a change in my life.

Yes, fame. You are now the de facto mascot of an up and coming comic company. With them branching out into publication and distribution, you're on the edge of being the face of something really big.

Gosh... I, I, hadn't really thought of that. Of any of that. My goodness that sounds really exciting.

Your enthusiasm is uplifting to say the least. Let's get back on track here. I wanted this interview to be about you personally and less about the public "you". Do you have any hidden talents that our readers might find interesting?

Actually I do. I have a couple of interesting talents. I haven't done it for a very long time, but at one point in my life I was a rather accomplished ventriloquist. I was a performer; schools, summer camps, things like that.


Oh yes. I also spent several years training in the art of mounted archery.

Like archery from horseback?

Yep. I was quite good.

Wow, those are indeed interesting talents. What does...

*At this point the interview was interrupted by a phone call that Goody Good had to take*

I'm so sorry about that. I have an appointment with some children from a local orphanage and they've arrived early. They're downstairs in the lobby waiting for me, I have time for one more question.

Ok, no problem. What happens when the comic ends? Where does Goody Good go when the final "the end" is printed? How does all this end for you?

Well... I suppose just like most others I'll fade away. I'll fall out of people's memory. I imagine when it's all over it'll be as if I never was... Thank you for having me today, I really must be going.

Note before I stop the recording. Goody Good has just left the room. He hurried out to get to his appointment. Get another interview with Goody Good. Dig deeper into that last question. Clarify. Expound on his answer.

*The audio of this interview was transcribed after being uploaded remotely to our company server. As of the time of this transcription authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the fire that destroyed that hotel, killing one hundred forty three. Including twenty orphans and Alan Fraiser, our interviewer.*


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