PWP blog 7/15/16: a kind of curve

I always thought that continuing to learn was a good life goal. After the recent Comics and Cognac lessons, I may be rethinking things. Lesson 1: The AI in the NES version of Othello is a damn cheater. We spent hours one night (so many that nothing else got done) trying in vain to defeat this foul technological adversary. In the end I, Alex Bauman, stood sweating, machine grease and coolant dripping from my battered hands. I had achieved victory over the omnipresent robo-brain... on the lowest difficulty. Lesson 2: Folding paper sucks! We're getting things ready for our upcoming trip to Jet City Comicon. We had the idea to spread the work out over as much time as possible, so after figuring out what exactly we would need we set to work. X number of Goody Good #1s, X number of Goody Good #2s, X number of Goody Good #3s, and Y number of ashcans. About half of the ashcans have been folded and I'm already sick of it! Lesson 3: Neither Brandon nor I is a web developer. We spent the better part of a day working in tandem on We discovered a sharp decline in web traffic over the past few months. A decline while our Twitter and FaceBook following has been growing. Could it be that most of our readers are following our links to the comics and skipping our site all together? There's really only one way to find out: move Goody Good from our Comic Fury site to our own web site. I realize that the task doesn't seem like much, but trust me, it was. We smashed our heads against this proposition for a good long time before we even figured out what we were going to do. The frustration and tedium was well worth it. Goody Good now lives on The link on our homepage no longer leads to some other site out there in the nets.

This weeks comic turned out very well. It started out very poorly. The concept was solid but the execution on my part was sub-par to say the least. Even after much thought and a re-write I was less than enthusiastic about what this ugly thought abortion would become. Luckily Brandon was more optimistic. Cutting through the bloat of my words he managed to cull some workable material. And that cat cleaning itself! I love that image!


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