PWP Blog 7/14/17: Sunny With a Chance of Rejection

If you're a reader of this here amazing blog... you've heard of our comic Goody Good. And you no doubt know that our self-published first issue is now available. What you can't possibly know, what I'm here to tell you, is that the self-distribution of our little book is going pretty well. Brandon has been pounding the pavement going to meet comic shop owners and show off our work. I, unfortunately and to my eternal shame, have not yet been able to join in the fun. While out there all by himself, braving the elements, traveling store to store, door to door, cold calling... he's been killin' it. He's got a 75% success rate! He's one hell of a salesman. Or our work is good. I don't know, it could be either. I'm more comfortable just giving the credit to Brandon. To acknowledge that our work is in fact good enough to stand on it's own and be accepted onto store shelves would be a little too optimistic even for me. Seeing Goody Good as a product that a business owner choose to put in their store makes the whole thing way too real. I didn't realize how uneasy I would be about this whole process. Making our work a product for sale has always been the goal, that's how you make a living from your artistic endeavors, right? It's weird to see it actually happening. Maybe it's that 25%, that one guy who said no. Not him specifically, but what he represents. The possibility of rejection.

Special thanks to the shops that said yes. If you're near enough, stop by for a visit.

Stargazer Comics, Toys, Games: 2610-A 6th ave. Tacoma, WA 98406 The Comics Keep: 3627 Wheaton Way Bremerton, WA 98310 Avalon Comics & Games: 10315 Silverdale Way NW Silverdale, WA 98383

- Alex

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