PWP Blog 6/9/16: The blogGining

Comics & Cognac is more than a year old and we're just now committing to a weekly blog... I guess our parents were right, we are slackers.

Goody Good #31 went up this week and it's pretty good. It's got this weird nostalgic vibe that doesn't really bring a laugh so much as a wistful smirk.  The inspiration for the page and the nostalgia comes from our very own childhoods. Back when playgrounds were made of concrete, steel, and right angles. Back when playgrounds were a place for children to discover contusions, broken bones, and summertime molten steel burns with little or no parental supervision. Ahhh, to be young again.

Our meeting this week didn't turn out to be very productive. Unless you consider playing NES for a couple hours productive. We had a serious case of work/moving induced lethargy.

We did manage to make progress toward our next con trip. Jet City Comicon application and payment, done! Next comes the preparations; all the material gathering and book making. It's not a fun process but I suppose there are worse ways to spend your time than drinking beer and making comic books with your best friend. Hopefully it all pays off when we get super rich selling our little funny books in a couple months.


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