PWP Blog 6/30/16: unmotivated edition

Counting on two people to simultaneously be motivated is a difficult thing. Brandon and I seem to have a cycle of lethargy and productivity. Furiously working on Comics & Cognac for a time, followed by a period of inactivity and general burned out laziness. After spending so much time together, at least we're cycling together. Unfortunately we seem to be in a lull. It's been a couple weeks since we worked on anything but the bare minimum. Unless we count playing video games and watching TV as "official Comics & Cognac business"... maybe we should, It'd make me feel better about things.

The 33rd Goody Good made its way to the site this week. Seeing it for the first time finished, I laughed. I love it when that happens. I wrote the joke and had a concept of what the finished product would be so there shouldn't have been any surprises. That's where the magic of working tandem comes in. Brandon waves his wand and... poof. The thing I'm very familiar with suddenly becomes something new.

My satisfaction with this week's comic might stem in part from its inspiration. I saw a little kid, couldn't have been more than five, padded and helmeted scooting around on a skateboard. Seeing this kid reminded me of a story I heard years ago. I might have the facts all wrong, like I said: I heard this many years ago. Back in our early 20's Brandon and I worked at a record store. One day he took a female co-worker of ours to the local skate park to teach her how to drop into a half-pipe. After some preliminary instruction she stood, precariously perched atop a short quarter-pipe. Nice and easy, lean forward, one fluid motion, let your legs swing, your feet will catch up. She leaned forward and must have had a moment of doubt (it's a scary thing), but it was too late. Her feet swung out from under her and she landed heavy on her ass at the bottom of the ramp. I remember laughing a lot when I heard the story and subsequent complaints about the injured backside. The story and the image of the kid with his protective gear became this week's comic. I wonder if she ever learned to drop-in.


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