PWP Blog 3/9/17: The Kickstarter Blues

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Kickstarter has dominated all of the goings on at Comics & Cognac HQ for the past couple weeks. According to some online reading and real life advice... it hasn't been nearly enough.

It all seemed so simple. Create a good looking page with a clear purpose and a low realistic dollar amount goal. We thought it would be easy. It was a simpler time... two weeks ago. We were so naive. At launch we really thought that our combine total of several hundred Facebook friends and almost two thousand Twitter followers would make easy work or our modest $1800 goal. If only half of those people pitched in the change they could find in their collective couch, we'd be funded in a day, right? Not so much. As the days began to tick down some heavy truth bombs fell.

We're now seven days into this, our first, Kickstarter campaign. Days one and two saw some pledges roll in and we were elated, hopeful, down right optimistic. And then came the lull. Our glorious crowdfunding juggernaut dipped into a valley. A valley that now, looking back, is a yawning chasm boxed by steep sheer cliff faces. This is where those multi-megaton truths come in. As the Great Dip (as I'm sure it'll be called in the years to come) set in we got down to some research. Really dug into the guts of the thing. We aren't prone to sitting back and weeping while watching the ship go down. No, we strive for proactive behaviors. Well, while we're on this subject of truths, I'll admit... Brandon did the research. He got the advice. He's the planner, the driving force behind things like this. I just try to keep up and do my best to aid the process. It's kind of funny, he says he hates doing it. But I know better. I've known the guy a long time and I know he loves it. He's in his element digging in and wallowing in detail and nuance. Anyway, back to the catastrophic truth: According to the research, most of a Kickstarter's pledges come at the beginning of the campaign. Devastating news as ours slides down that slope. The other bowel shredding concussive force came by way of real world advice. Brandon was told (presumably by a seasoned Kickstarter pro) that months of ground work needs to come before actually launching a campaign. Spreading the word that it's coming, reminding people that it's coming, teasers, more reminders, in-process updates, reminders... on and on for months. How could we have known? It all seemed so simple.

While it looks like our failure is inevitable we will not go quietly. We're going to kick and thrash, rage against the dying of the light so to speak. We will continue to bludgeon everyone who has eyes and ears with a deluge of status updates and rooftop cries for attention. "Hey, you! Point your face at this and love it!" And in twenty-three days hopefully our cries and general scrappiness will have prevailed... if not, at least we'll be a little wiser.

Goody Good Issue #1 on Kickstarter


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