PWP Blog 11/30/17: YouTube and the Changing Face of Comics And Cognac

Our YouTube channel reboot launches tomorrow and I'm feeling some nervous excitement. I'm nervous not because I'm concerned about the eventual "success" or "failure" of the channel; a successful channel isn't the point. We aren't transitioning into "YouTubers" and literally none of our eggs are in that basket. If the video content we're providing never makes a dime through that convoluted ad revenue system... that would be fine. Hell, I haven't even taken the time to learn how the YouTube advertisement revenue works, that's how unconcerned I am about the financial side of this thing. What I am concerned about, however, is the level of enjoyment our video content will provide. Because that is the point. It's impossible to create something that's meant to be experienced by someone else and not worry/wonder about whether or not your audience is actually going to like it. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar... or an incredible narcissistic. And that is the pivot point, the make or break point, the success or failure, win or lose; it all hinges on whether or not our audience likes our new video content.

Along with the nail biting wonder associated with this reboot, I've gone ahead and put some additional pressure on myself. This is more than just a YouTube video content experiment in hypertension. It is in fact a multi-faceted face lift for Comics And Cognac as a whole. Since the beginning Brandon and I have insisted that the work and brand come first and would be our face. Comics And Cognac as an entity would be presented first out there in the world, and through that we would offer our work as presented by the brand; meanwhile we would cower somewhere behind the scenes safely hidden behind the brand that we're responsible for. This is an old media idea that doesn't really work anymore, not for non-established upstarts like us anyway. In this day and age of instant access to creators via the ever present internet, it seems to me that we need to flip our current strategy upside down. And that's exactly what is happening. The YouTube thing that we've been hyping on social media isn't just about providing content. We're working to expand our internet footprint to potentially expand our audience while putting our own faces forward. We're putting our own faces forward and breaking down the barrier that we've built. This really seems to be the way things work now. Instant access and connection to creators as an introduction to they're work... It's absolutely terrifying. But we're doing it anyway. Going forward YouTube content and blog posts will be coming weekly, Twitter and Facebook activity will increase some, and we joined Snapchat (search Comics And Cognac, you'll find us. Check it out for some behind the scenes stuff). Wish us luck, I think we're going to need it.


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