C&C Blog 4/14/17: Our Hangover

It was a wonderful time in the early days of Comics & Cognac. Nothing but laughs and booze and booze and laughs. Every week Brandon and I would get together to work on our comics and spend all night drinking heavily and making each other laugh. But, alas, those days are gone and the hangover has set in.

These days our weekly meetings look very different. The laughs are fewer and the two man party atmosphere is gone. Instead, we've gotten down to the business of being in business. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being whiny about those days gone by; a little wistful, sure, but not whiny.

The reality is that we've finally been forced to do some things that we'd either been ignoring or been putting off until "later". We've been spurned to action by our first real setback, our first real failure. Until now we've been cruising along with a certain kind of drunk driver luck. We all know that person who drives drunk all the time and somehow never gets caught, never crashes, never has any consequences. That's been us, that's been Comics & Cognac. Living a party life and flying by the seat of our pants with no real planning going into our decisions. Let's own our own website, done. Let's hand make Goody Good books, they look great. Let's get ourselves a table at some cons, great time meeting great people. Let's put together a Kickstarter campaign and get these books professionally printed... and that's where we jumped a curb and plowed into a telephone pole. Luck only holds until it doesn't. The failure of our Kickstarter campaign after so much going so well was a gut punch. A gut punch but not a knock-out blow.

We've decided to move forward with the printing and publication of Goody Good #1. We believe in our work so much that we took out a loan to finance our endeavor. Switching gears from crowdfunding to personally funding the book has already been beneficial to both our readers and us. Our stress over a hard deadline for shipping the final product to our backers is gone. Reward fulfillment is no longer any concern (although I think I'm going to try to make something happen for certain champions of our cause). Because we don't have to ship out books to backers, the overall cost of the project has dropped. These silver linings have allowed us to give a little more to our first professional book. The page count has gone up. Now included are four new, never before seen, beautiful watercolor paintings by artist extraordinaire, Brandon Stewart. That's in addition to his newly hand painted cover (which looks awesome, by the way). And a a few paragraphs about the origins of Goody Good by yours truly. ​ We've got a few other irons in the fire as far the business side of things goes.

  • Most notably: Comics & Cognac is in the process of becoming a legitimate business. An LLC to be exact. We're setting ourselves up to not only publish and distribute our own work, but to be a general publisher/distributor... at least we think we are. We aren't lawyers and there are still kinks to be worked out.

  • Most visibly: We've got Amazon links on our site now. We signed up for a pretty cool program with Amazon wherein we can generate some revenue with product links that we pick. Like one of those hula gals for my desk, just call me Mr. Dufresne. And since you're going to buy stuff from Amazon anyway, why not stop by ComicsAndCognac.com and do it right here, I hope to have a full Amazon store up and running alongside our store very soon.

All in all it's an exciting time of change here at C&C. Stick with us, lets see what happens.

- Alex

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