We know it's tough to be a creative type and be seen these days. The internet is a sea of talent, where being recognized is near impossible.

PictureWord Press is hoping to help you with that. We are a collective of artists and writers that share the same goal of,


  1. making the best projects we can, and

  2. getting our work seen or read.

By being part of PictureWord Press, you're not only connecting with other creative types, but we also share your work and link to any of your projects. Not only do the creators (Brandon and Alex) make comics, but they also love reading what others create! 

Have a project that is written but needs an artist? Perfect, you're in the right place! All of our creators are open to work with others, at their discretion of course.


Want to join us? Continue below... 

PictureWord Press is always seeking new talent—all spectrum of creative types—to join the comics collective.  


  • PictureWord Press is only seeking creator-owned projects. This means if you do not own the rights to your project, we are not interested. 

  • PictureWord Press does not offer page rates.

  • PictureWord Press does not own your project. Creators maintain all control of their respective intellectual properties.


  • PictureWord Press is seeking creative graphic stories, comics, webcomics, illustrated novels, novellas, and zines. 

  • We are interested in pretty much any genre (except pornography). Nudity and adult themes are fine.

  • PictureWord Press is especially interested in stories that push beyond the norm. We love projects that make a person think and question the social quotidian. Normalcy is boring; impress us with something poignant.

  • We are open to any art style that relays an idea or story successfully.

  • If your project is ongoing, you can send us a PDF with no less than 10 fully-rendered or written pages so we can see narrative flow. UPLOAD your project below.

  • If you have a webcomic, please send us a link to where it is hosted (your personal website, or an online webcomic host like WebToon).

  • If you have a physical copy of something you'd like us to see or read (DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK), please send them here:

PictureWord Press

PO Box 666

Keyport, WA 98345

If there are any other questions concerning whether your project fits within our scope, please visit the FAQ below, or contact us here


About the artist

How long have you been making art?

All of my life, as cliche as that is. On some level I think we all do that, though. Unfortunately, becoming an adult has a way of beating creativity out of most of us...

What is your favorite medium?

I love to experiment, having gone so far as to make my own paint with mashed berries when I was young, but my go-to currently is pen and ink, watercolor, tattoo, or pyrography. I tend to just eat berries now rather than making art with them.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Oh man. This list could take up the whole page... but here are a few, in no particular order: Michael Whelan. Florian Bertmer. Escher. Goya. El Greco. Paolo Rivera. Zdzislaw Beksinski. John Howe. Gregory Manchess, James Gurney. Gustav Dore. Andy Brase. Giger. Donato Giancola. Sam Weber. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Alan Lee. Frank Frazetta. William Stout. John Jude Palencar. Charles Vess. Jeremy Geddes. Gary Gianni. Ken Meyer, Jr. Gris Grimly. David Palumbo. Shaun Beaudry. Allen Williams. Travis Lewis. Bernie Wrightson. Paul Bonner. Bernini.


I ordered some stuff and it hasn't arrived yet. What's up with that?

The Postal Service strikes again! Chances are good if a package is taking longer than it should, it's usually something simple. I ship everything with tracking, that way there's no question that it was indeed shipped. I'll make sure to get to the bottom of it no matter the circumstances.




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